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Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray

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Brand: Cinema Secrets

Like Moisture from a spring rain in a bottle.

Natural way to hydrate the skin with all the best ingredients normally found in heavy creams. Now allow your skin to rejuvenate with a water based moisturizer containing NAPCA, Elastin, Collagen, and Sodium Hyaluronate in a pure (iodized) water base.

A collagen based Moisturizer great for light moisturizing without a greasy feel from other moisturizers. Great to use with Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundations because it actually activitates Cinema Secrets Foundations and other makeup products to sheer the application without sacrificing coverage. Great for anyone including men to get that additional refreshing feeling on hot days. Especially recommended for humid climates. Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray is also an excellent conditioner to spray on your Cinema Secrets Professional Brushes.

Basic Application:

Lightly mist Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray directly on to the face with your eyes closed so that moisture spray also can penetrate the eyelids and area around the eyes. Mist a small amount on to the sponge for use with Cinema Secrets Foundations to apply foundation more sheer without sacrificing coverage.

No removal necessary and Cinema Secrets Moisture spray will not build up on the skin. Safe to use on all parts of the body.

Available Options:

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Price: start at $8.50


Pink Moisture Spray 2 Oz

Quantity: 2 OZ x $8.50

Pink Moisture Spray 4 Oz

Quantity: 4 OZ x $10.00

Pink Moisture Spray Refill 8 Oz

Quantity: 8 OZ x $14.00

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