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Cinema Secrets Un-Cut Sponges-Whole

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Brand: Cinema Secrets

A Non-Latex Cosmetic sponge developed by makeup artist for makeup artist.

Cinema Secrets non-latex foamed sponges were developed by makeup professionals for you by makeup professionals. These are not the latex based foamed sponges you see in department stores and used commercially as furniture pads, but a micro pore sponge that was developed to place makeup on your face in even coats and not soak up makeup like a normal open pored sponge would do.

Pull your Cinema Secrets non-latex sponge across any cream based cosmetic and apply in gentle strokes on the face or body.

Sponges come individually, uncut, wedge cut (8 wedges per sponge), Bag of 12 and bag of 24.

Don’t try to clean sponges because bacteria can collect after a period of time. Always practice good sanitization by discarding sponges after each use.

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