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Strictly Face

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Strictly Face!

Introducing our new anti-aging self-tanner for the face!!! Sun Laboratories Strictly Faces Medium cream is a new plateau of face tanning. Our sunless tanning cream formula contains a combination of the highest quality all natural ingredients to tan your face and proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Designed to give your face the firming qualities of a tight and toned complexion, while simultaneously producing a natural sun kissed glow. This tanning accelerator for the face provides healthier and younger looking skin and it hydrates your skin leaving it extremely smooth.

Available in Level 2 Medium and Level 3 Dark.

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Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion 4oz Strictly Face Level 2 Medium

Price: $26.39


Strictly Faces Medium Self-Tanner is the medium sunless tan cream for the face of our three shades. It is designed for those who settle for nothing but the deepest and darkest tan attainable without the sun.

Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion 8oz Strictly Face Level 3 Dark

Price: $26.39


Sun Laboratories Strictly Faces Dark helps moisturize the skin and reduce wrinkles using all natural ingredients. Designed to give your face the firming qualities of a tight and toned-skin.

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