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Cinema Secrets Stainless Steel Spetula Deluxe

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Brand: Cinema Secrets

For Mixing Cosmetic and eliminating cross-contamination.

Cinema Secrets Stainless steel products are made from the finest German Stainless steel. Palettes and spatulas are designed specifically for professional use. Excellent for mixing foundations, lip colors, highlights and shading colors.

Use spatulas for removing small amounts of colors from container and place on palettes. Mix in circular motion. Clean palettes and spatulas with Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner.

All Palettes and Spatulas are packed in Poly Bags. Spatulas are available in standard and deluxe. Palettes are available in small, medium and large.

Clean all stainless steel products with Cinema Secrets Professional Bbrush Cleaner.

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Price: $12.00


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