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Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner

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Brand: Cinema Secrets

Finally a brush cleaner that does exactly what it's supposed to do!

Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner cleans and removes all makeup from brushes. It works with all brush types including: natural, synthetic and nylon bristle brushes. Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner is the only brush cleaner on the market to completely remove all bacteria, virus, all traces of make-up, creams, waxes and powders from your brushes and leave them sanitized and conditioned. Environmentally safe and non-carcinogenic.

Available in 1 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz and 32 oz. sizes.

Basic Application:
Pour a small amount of Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner in a Black Jar or Tin. Dip the tip of your brush in the cleaner, wipe away with tissue or towel and repeat if necessary.

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner requires no removal, because its quick drying formula means less waiting between colors.

Available Options:

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Price: start at $3.30

Brush Cleaner 1oz Brush Cleaner 1oz

Price: $3.30

Quantity: "Out of Stock"

Brush Cleaner 4oz Brush Cleaner 4oz

Price: $13.00


Brush Cleaner 8oz Brush Cleaner 8oz

Price: $24.00


Brush Cleaner 32oz Brush Cleaner 32oz

Price: $39.00


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